Our Tours

Downtown Shopping & Concierge Rides

The Details:

You find the bargains, we'll cart the treasures!  Let us be your downtown Santa Barbara concierge on your next day out!

Treat yourself with a personal driver and cart as you shop, dine and enjoy the downtown district.  

Store to store, spot-to-spot, our driver will help tote you around town and even "split" the tour to allow prolonged drop-offs.  Likewise, we're locals who chat with shoppers and diners all day, making us great to ask for a suggestion or recommendation for your next destination.  

Let's set a plan and go to town!

The Important Stuff:

The ride lasts 1 hour
(shorter portions or longer available by arrangement)


Maximum of 3 passengers per pedicab.

Remember: we don't roll well wet, so if there is significant rain in the forecast, all daily excursions will be canceled.