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The Santa Barbara Scenic Tour

The Details:

We're your green get-around for an experience that is fun, flexible and customizable. So pick an adventure and let's go!

SB Pedicab's scenic tours allow a unique opportunity to take in Santa Barbara's beauty and scenery at a pace you can enjoy. Our green machines provide one of the most dynamic vantage points around, and touches on architecture and notables that make Santa Barbara the California paradise it is today.

Explore the beautiful coastline and roll through the largest wildlife bird refuge along the way. Or, treat yourself with a personal driver and cart as you shop, dine and enjoy the downtown district. Be sure to see local sites on a historic tour that stops at the Old County Courthouse, Presidio Fort.

The Important Stuff:

The ride lasts 1 hour
(shorter portions or longer available by arrangement)


Maximum of 3 passengers per pedicab.

Please book this tour at east 24 hours in advance.

Remember: we don't roll well wet, so if there is significant rain in the forecast, all daily excursions will be canceled.