Pedicab basics


We're thrilled that you want to ride! While many folks take a ride in a pedicab in Santa Barbara to get somewhere quickly and memorably, there are several types of rides available. Here are the basics to help you determine the best ride option for you and your group.

Where do pedicabs operate?

Pedicabs are mostly found along busy streets and outside popular venues in Santa Barbara but also travel to other places in the region.

If you are uncertain whether you are nearby the typical areas of operation, just give us a call and we can fill you in. And if you are about to hop in a pedicab, any of our drivers can let you know if your destination falls within this zone.

When are pedicabs typically in service?

Most days of the week, pedicab operators are out after noon and ride sometimes past midnight. During days with special events, pedicabs may even be out much earlier or later than these times. Give us a call and we can let you know more!

How many can fit in a pedicab?

The pedicabs comfortably seat two adults. Families with 1-2 small children typically can sit on parents' laps. A seat-belt is provided for all passengers to share.

How does pricing work for regular rides?

Most of our rides fall under an "open fare" system, where each ride is quickly negotiated directly with the driver prior to hopping on board. A rate card is posted on the pedicab to help determine appropriate payment and driver gratuity. Rates fluctuate based on how many passengers are riding and how far the ride is. Please ask the driver any questions about how much your ride will cost. Not all drivers accept credit cards but some do, so please confirm this before you ride, if planning to pay with a card.

How do tours work?

Tours can be booked any time. Hourly tours start at $80/hour. Book here to plan your tour in advance.

How do large groups ride?

Need a few pedicabs for your group? No problem! For group rides, pedicabs will be ready and waiting 5 minutes prior to your reservation and will ride together to the destination.

If your company or organization has special needs for an event or promotion, we're eager to work with you! Call us to discuss pricing, ride ideas, and special requests. 

Click here to book your next group ride!

How to book in advance?

Typically, immediate ride requests are not available, but you're welcome to give us a shout to inquire. Otherwise, tours should be booked at least one day in advance and it is highly suggested to book group rides days prior to your event.

Is pedicab a seasonal activity?

Pedicabs are available 365 days/year, including Leap Days! If looking for a ride on a holiday or during a special event, making a reservation is recommended.

How does weather affect pedicabs?

During periods of heavy rain, pedicabs may not be too popular. However, some of our cabs do have canopy coverage and can keep you pretty dry regardless. On cooler nights, some pedicabs will even have a blanket available. Please provide any special requests when making a reservation.